…I integrated my knowledge and make the best use of it day-by-day at my assignments and counselling…

I’m the rope on bridge above the depths, which you catch and will hold, if you want to cross over it… then and until you need it.


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We are disparate

Everything has its own place in world and reality
which are created by ourselves and in which we live.

Secrets, leaks, gaps

Phenomena or symptoms appearing in our life are the surface.
They are messages by which
we can discover our existence and our core essence over and over,
can move forward and develop.

I think that everything has its own place in world & reality we created by ourselves, and in which we live. The Ones turning to me, will recover and leave with a new perspective, after a sometimes stormy period.
Common work
As a psychologist I believe that the results inhere in those, who turn to me, and our common work is based on discovering their internal values and resources.
Meeting with ourselves, re-bonding with our internal impulse and afflation, goes far beyond our desire and instinct. Resource, that will endure throughout a whole life.

Mutual impact

Counselling psychologist? Lawyer? Economist? Mediator? Yes, these fields gradually built in my life, but existed continuously together, there. As a psychologist, I integrated and make the best use of all knowledge acquired at school-desks and through my personal experience. My perspective, thinking-style, methods reflect this complexity.
Knowledge for me means not only the information we collect and study through textbooks and education, but also experience and skills f
orming by interpersonal relations, life situations, flavored by the social milieu in which we were brought up and  live in. Our momentaneous knowledge about the world, others and ourselves is forming in unceasing and dynamic interaction of these all.

Bonding inheres inside of us.

Conscious spirit

I have more than a quarter-century business experience, and deal with the secrets and phenomena of mind,soul and behavior for the same time. Its result is my dynamic, dedicated, result-oriented, problem-solving, positive approach.
My experience as consultant, as university lecturer, as trainer is applied in supporting organizational and individual development.
I don't follow traditional didactics, but I set effective methods and techniques for successful development by my renewing approach based on the integration and complexity of individual demands and available information.



My Objective...

...is to view the world around us from a new perspective, through wide-scoped lenses, to reorganize our knowledge and to create and build up individual strategies as a result of our common work, this way I  smuggle inspiration in everydays.



I believe that real help is, when the demands of both, the helped and the helper meet. For this, not only understanding is needed, but also it requires the ability of attunement and of creating consonance. 

My ars poetica is to ensure free space for spirit and mind, that creates the sphere for and facilitates unfolding values and knowledge inherent in individuals.
I'm the rope on bridge above the depths, which you catch and will hold, if you want to cross over it... then and until you need it.


For you? For him/her? For other?

In many cases, it appears in our life, that we would send others to a professional, in turn, maybe if we take this first step, the situation changes right away, at least our sense and perception of the untolerable, unbearable situation.


I work with adults as a psychologist, from the young adults till the oldies. I see children and adolescents as treasures, who show those phenomena to adults, which they can't perceive or forgot long ago.

In each life stages, different fields of life may come into focus or might loose its relevance. Relationships, health, everyday or unexpected challenges, work, performance, even, other's behavior, or the lack of one or other... interlace our whole life. 



I wondered a lot on determining the set of problems, and on creating lists  and categories. Meanwhile, I recognized, it's useless to list or categorize, because each word has different meaning for each individual, and life is able to produce situations, which overwrite all lists and categories. Phenomena and problems you can find on this website offer a kind of feel, as a compass.

And I have only one duty, to tell to those who turn to me, if I undertake or direct further to a specialist of the given field.

If you have already burnt yourself...

...or just not yet, it's time to do for yourself. It changes not only you, but your environment, the behavior of people around you, situations appearing in your life, as well. 
When you go though in a series of difficult life events for a while, or something just went wrong, or it might be different for a while, but you just noticed it, sooner or later you should (get) change(ed).
If the behavior of one of your beloved ones changed, maybe due to a sickness, or due to a loss, you might need to receive answers to give a meaning and understand what, in fact, happens.

Maybe, you "just" need to see these phenomena and life situations with new glasses, from a new perspective. 

Offer safe atmosphere to your personal growth, development and unfoldment.
Offer special atmosphere and support to clear off a problem. They might take longer (months), shorter (intensive camps) periods of time, leading you through a given process.
I synthetize the methods and approaches of different psychological schools in my work, with integrated approach.
Human, people is one of the key and most important values of each organization. We develop our organizations in order to sustain and increase performance, to ensure stable operations in our changing environment in the long run.


Father absence

2012-2014 my researches focused on the behavior of adult men brought up in either physical and/or emotional absence of their biological father. Results show more than a dozen fields of life, personality and behavior, in which it demonstrably causes difficulties and problems in adulthood.


Since 2014 I deal with the examination of formation of our inherent knowledge, and the factors affecting and impacting it. This field opened up a great reservoir of examinable topics and questions. So, beside others, I deal with the context of our knowledge about the world and our reality created by our knowledge.

Identity and emotions

In 2015-2016 my study „I feel, who I am. I belong to where, what I feel. Informal attitudes in the mirror of emotions.” was completed. It examines the interrelations and contexts of our identity and emotional attitudes under the impact of the social milieu in which we live...

Significant life event

We go through different events, find ourselves in situations moment-by-moment in our life. Significant life events, success, changes, sickness, losses, affect not only our feel of happiness, but might cause changes in our personality.

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Organizational psychology

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